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Power Service Products is the manufacturer of the most technologically advanced diesel fuel additives in the industry. Power Service manufactures a complete line of diesel additives for year-around use. From diesel-powered cars and pickups, to trucking fleets and fuel marketers, Power Service manufactures the products for optimal diesel performance and profitability.

To simplify your product search, we have streamlined the navigation process.

There are three ways to search for products:

Products by Application
Searching by product application helps you locate the product you need by its specific use, even if you don’t know the exact product name. The products are broken down into 10 different categories. From antigels to cetane boosters, searching by product application will direct you to the product that fits your needs.

Products by Industry*
Searching by industry is the most comprehensive way to identify the grouping of Power Service products that are recommended for you for year-around maintenance. Select the industry that is right for you from a listing of seven different categories (e.g., automotive, trucking, etc.). After selecting the industry that is right for you, the recommended Power Service products are categorized by non-winter and winter products, complete with product features and directions for use.

Products by Name
Searching by product name is the quickest way to jump to information on a specific product. Select this search if you know the exact Power Service product you are looking for.

*Recommended search.
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