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We might just have us a race car!!!

Well, this was the big weekend where we got to unload the brand new hotrod out of the trailer & see what she’s got. It went above average & we are so excited. Never before have we built a car, took it to a NHRA divisional in Houston & got it up to speed in the same weekend, but we did it this weekend.

First pass I was anxious & flat out intimidated, with so many new things to learn & I haven’t driven a dragster in 8 years or so, along with all the new car dangers that can happen in a split second… these all loom in the back of your mind somewhere when testing a new car. But all went very, very well. First pass was Thursday night, plan was to make a very soft 200′ run on it to make sure there were no leaks & all pressures/automation systems were working. She felt so good I took her down the 700′ range on that pass. All went well but we fried the transmission, we had parts on the trailer, got her fixed & we were ready for the Friday morning pass.

Friday morning pass she left like a beast, taking the wheels up & we were on a pass, then I shifted to 3rd and the motor roared like a lion with its tail knot. I made an error on the clutch pack in the trans so that pass was done.

3rd pass, Friday evening, got the trans fixed again, made a few clutch adjustments & rolled her into the waterbox. This pass the second gear clutch said “oh no” & checked out. I hit 3rd & she hunkered down & went, the pass was ruined but we got some good data as well as I’m getting more comfortable in the car.

4th pass was round one of competition. With a fresh trans we get paired up & here we go. I dropped the clutch a little too soon & snuffed the Chargers a little, I stomped in on the clutch & fried on the clutch until she lit, meanwhile I noticed in the other lane that my competitor was having issues of his own getting traction, I finally got her gathered up & she went an 8.1 at 216. Hallelujah! We finally beat somebody in a NHRA round of competition, you gotta start somewhere 🙂

On to round two! First time ever that I’ve been in this position. We got the burn outs done, chargers lit & I dropped the clutch pedal. Unfortunately, I red lit & so did he, I red lit worse than he did so he won it. He ran a 6.57 at 205 & I ran a 7 flat at 216.

The pieces of the puzzle are all there & getting them arranged in order is the art of drag racing, we are by no means there but we got a good jump on it this weekend.

See ya soon,


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