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Whether you drive a diesel car or operate a big rig, you can rely on the diesel additives from Power Service for year-round engine performance improvement, trouble-free winter operation and proper fuel tank hygiene. We are the diesel experts and any size diesel engine will run better with Power Service.

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From some of the largest fleets in North America to large construction and mining operations, commercial industries rely on Power Service diesel additives to provide year-round diesel engine performance improvement, trouble-free winter operability and proper fuel tank hygiene.

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Find articles, videos, and helpful tips for maintaining your diesel engine. You'll also find product information, useful resources, and advice from our expert team.

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A long ride home turns into a short ride home ….

This weekend was event number 10 out of 18 in Tulsa. The top dragster class is getting faster and faster each race, and keeping up with blown alcohol dragsters with our diesel-powered entry is getting tough. But it’s making this team push itself and the car to levels that we never dreamed of just 3 years ago. We have had to ramp the power up on this hotrod just to hang, and by doing so we have found a whole new set of weak links in the chassis and transmission. We made 4 attempts and did not get it done. The wheelie bar has been taking a beating with all the torque, and it snapped twice this weekend. We finally thrashed in the pits and got all that welded back up and beefed up only to shell the transmission on the last pass. Here again, torque related. After all this, we were back at the pits feeling pretty low and defeated when an NHRA tech official came into our pits. I was thinking uh oh, now what did we do 🙂  He asked me, did you build this car? When I replied I had, he said CONGRATS! You just won the best-engineered car on the property. Yea!! We were elated! Our gloomy pits turned into a happy place again. I guess after the beating they saw us take, they thought they outta do something nice so we don’t start crying .. lol. But in all seriousness, I love the sport for keeping us on our A game, it’s a never-ending wealth of learning and friendships, with an occasional glimpse of terror.

I want to personally thank the Power Service family for hanging in there with us and having faith while we chase our dreams. They are truly good people with big hearts and compassion.

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